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Touring Boots Core Series



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€ 249,99 * € 416,66 * (40% spart)

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Klar til å sendes umiddelbart, leveringstid ca. 8-10 virkedager

Butikk Finner / Forhandlere i nærheten av deg
  • 5COWST-17-255
CORE ST sørger for seriøs kraftoverføring og kontroll under utforeventyrene dine sammen med de... mer

CORE ST sørger for seriøs kraftoverføring og kontroll under utforeventyrene dine sammen med de viktigste ingrediensene man trenger i alpin frikjøring: HAGANs ski/gange-mekanisme Power Lock – en låsemekanisme med metall mot metall for super pålitelighet og ytelse i skimodus og en 60 graders bevegelsesradius når den utløses. CORE har en vekt på 1190 gram per støvel og bruker et lett og smidig Palau-fôr og et lett, men likevel ekstremt responsivt Grilamid-skall.


  • Easy and intuitive Handling
  • No Parts to mount or dismount
  • 60° Cuff Rotation
  • Perfect Downhill Performance
  • Very Ridged Shell Material
Application Area
Cuff Range of Motion
Binding Compatibility
Tech+Marker Kingpin
Climbing Crampons Recommendation
All classic and new classic fasteners
grivel skitour / skirace
1.135g (MP 24.5)
MP 23.0 - 27.5
Instant Fit with thermoformable zones at the ankle and instep.
Dark Blue / Light Blue

The cuff of the HAGAN CORE touring ski boot is distinctively reinforced by a strong X shape on the back. The X shaped Power Strings run exactly in line with the highest pressure vectors and merge seamlessly into the lower shell, increasing lateral stability for direct, unadulterated power transmission, ensuring optimum ski control.

Easy Slide Lock System

HAGAN designed a ski-walk mechanism for the CORE boot that is simple, intuitive and convenient. This unique design, developed by HAGAN specifically for the CORE, is exceptionally durable (no exposed levers to catch or break) and secure. The ESL system ensures that power is not dissipated fore-aft or laterally while skiing, but transfered for the shell directly and precisely, making for a sensational ride.

Anatomically Guided Shell

Our vast ski mountaineering experience influenced the development of the most important feature of a ski boot - the last shape. The HAGAN CORE shell shape was inspired by 10 years of research in partnership with one of the most renowned Italian ski boot brands. The shape of the shell follows th natural anatomy of the foot and provides space where the foots needs it and encircles the foot very closely in the places where the perfect grip is required. This shaping reduces pressure points, improves blood circulation, and greatly reduces cold feet.

Standard Rear Heel

The HAGAN CORE line of Alpine Touring Ski Boots are forward thinking and compatible with the latest developments in the binding market. The CORE heel lugs are 100% compatible with the Marker Kingpin bindings without modification. We use original Dynafit toe and heel inserts.


Safety is the first priority when it comes to grip on a variety of surface conditions. The H-profile lugs on the CORE are arranged to provide outstanding stability and traction in all directions. The M-Grip rubber compound creates exceptional surface friction while maintaining strong wear resistance.

Oversized Closing Belt

A single, extra-wide power strap distributes power to the cuff over a very large area, saving a lot of weight over multi-buckle/strap systems. Once set, your preferred setting of the Power Strap need not to be changed for ascent and descent, eliminating fiddling with buckles and countless power strap positions and saving a lot of time in the transitions. Spend your time on summits looking at the view not messing with buckles.

Multi Deflect Buckle System

The angled lower buckle of the HAGAN CORE touring ski boot enormously enhances comfort and hold. The buckle angles from the ball of the big toe area on the inside to near the ankle on the outside. This innovative design, unique to HAGAN, allows a single lower buckle to simultaneously eliminate forefoot lateral movement while securely holding the heel in place, providing the ideal hold so crucial to comfort and performance in long ski tours.

Neo Flex Tongue

The tongue of the HAGAN CORE touring ski boot is carefully constructed to provide progressive flex. We unite two stiffnesses in the tongue to ensure the ideal balance between up and downhill performance without having to constantly switch tongue parts or even lugging a separate tongue up the mountain. The softer tuned upper tongue flexes in the open uphill mode for natural and unrestricted ankle freedom of movement. The lower part of the tongue is stiffer. When the upper cuff is closed for downhill mode, force is transmitted through the softer top smoothly and evenly to the stiffer bottom part of the tongue. The result is a uniform progressively increasing flex, absorbing small forces without being too stiff, while transferring force strongly when needed, ensuring perfect control on the descent.