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HAGAN Ywai-Boost 16-17

The climbs are invigorating, the thrills come on the descents. The Y[wai]-shape encourages aggressive high-speed descents that reward climbing efforts. Whether powder, corn, or breakable crust, the Y-boost blasts through everything that stands in its path. The wide elliptical-shovel ensures supple buoyancy and the paulownia wood core contributes to a weight of only 1.380 g for dimensions of 132-97-113.


  • Sidecut: 132-97-113
  • Weight: 1380 Gramm
  • Length: 162, 170, 178*, 186
  • Rocker: v=330 h=150
  • Core: Paulownia
  • Multiradius: 17-19-22
  • Construction:
    • Diamond-Sidewall
    • Elliptical Frontski
    • Carbon Tip Stabilizer
  • Materials:
    • Carbon Top Layer
    • Paulownia Light Wood Core
    • ABS-Sidewall
    • Carbon Bottom Layer
  • Base: Die-Cut-Graphite
  • Target Group: Tour Freeride
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Tour Freeride

Y[wai]-Boost SET


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