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ATK® was born in FIORANO MODENESE (MODENA, ITALY) a highly technological industrial district, in the middle of the Italian Motor Valley, where innovation and high quality mechanical components are engineered, developed, manufactured and exported all around the world.

ATK RACE was founded by Famiglia Indulti, direct owner of OFFICINA GIMEC GROUP specialized in high precision mechanical milling and turning for twenty years, that provided the necessary financial resources, technology and logistics to start-up this new adventure , that within the first two years (2008 ), became the Ski Mountaineering World Champion with Dennis Brunnod and Manfred Reichegger.

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REVOLUTION World Cup 2019 REVOLUTION World Cup 2019
The ATK® branded masterpiece. Revolutionary technologies, incredible reactivity, increased comfort of use and maximum lightness for the top race performance. TECHNICAL SPECIFICS: As any other ATK® binding in the 2018-2019 collection, the...
€ 415,83 *
Schlaufe, SRA und Platte R01 inkludiert (+59 Gramm) TROFEO PLUS bringt die Vielseitigkeit von Trofeo auf ein höheres Niveau und erweitert das Nutzungsspektrum auf die Kategorie Speed Touring. Geringes Gewicht und strukturelle Solidität...
€ 332,50 *
Ski-Brake included CREST Lightweight, thanks to lower release values (3-8) and softer springs that allow a simplified use, is the perfect choice for the lighter ski mountaineers and younger users, curious to look at this sport for the...
fra € 332,50 *
Ski-Brake included ATK® usual TOP QUALITY combined to a different approach to the product design brings the ideal solution to all those ski tourers looking for LIGHTNESS, COMFORT, RELIABILITY and COMPLETENESS in one single new touring...
fra € 332,50 *
"SLR Release" Heel Cover "SLR Release" Heel Cover
ATK SLR Release Heel Cover
€ 32,50 *
Insert Update Bohrlehre Insert Update Bohrlehre
Aktualisierung der Bohrlöcher für die M05 Bohrlehre. Passende Weite: universell
€ 23,33 *
RT LADY Bindung RT LADY Bindung
No other binding companies dedicated such a volume of attention to the Lightweight users world: Softer toe hooking, gentle and ergonomic front leverages, lower side and front release value on the heel part, everything matched wit super...
€ 424,17 *
SRL LADY Bindung SRL LADY Bindung
SLR Lightweight is dedicated to those users who want to get the most out from their gear: Our engineers developed technical solutions that simplify the handling of the binding with smoother and more gentle springs both in the toe and...
€ 357,50 *
RT Lightweight Bindung RT Lightweight Bindung
No other bindings company dedicated such a volume of attentions the Lightweight users world: softer toe hooking, gentle and ergonomic front leverages, lower side and front release value on the heel part, everything matched with super...
€ 424,17 *
RT Vorderbacken RT Vorderbacken
Achtung: Nur Vorderbacken
€ 165,00 *
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